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At our family-style shelters in Burundi Africa, we are committed to providing orphaned children with more than just a roof over their heads.

Family-Style Shelter

We are committed to providing orphaned children with more than just a roof over their heads. We believe that children thrive when they have stable, loving relationships with caregivers they can rely on throughout their childhood. That's why we've modeled each of our homes on a family, not an institution.

Our homes are staffed by full-time caregivers who live in the home and raise the children as if they were their own. In most cases, children live in a mixed-age and mixed-gender setting, which allows us to preserve sibling bonds and create a family-like atmosphere. Child-to-caregiver ratios are kept low, with an average of 4:1, so that each child can receive the individual attention and support they need.

Full-time Caregivers

We also believe in providing long-term support to the children in our care. Our caregivers receive ongoing training and support, and many of them stay in the homes for 10+ years, raising their own biological children alongside the orphaned children. This creates a stable, permanent family environment that gives the children a sense of belonging and security.

One of the unique aspects of our family-style shelters is that we do not have an arbitrary age-out deadline for the children in our care. Instead, they are able to stay with us until they have completed their education or vocational training. We provide extensive resources to support their departure from our care, including transitional living options for older teens and young 20-somethings who are pursuing higher education or vocational training.


At our family-style shelters, all children are embraced as members of a loving, stable, permanent family. We are committed to providing them with the support they need to grow and thrive, and to help them build a brighter future for themselves and their communities.

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Jeremy Adams
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